Monday, 13 October 2014

Seatbelt Protector Tutorial

As promised here is an easy but useful project - The Seatbelt Protector.  Its a good way to use up leftover scraps or those oft collected Fat Quarters!

You'll need the following:

  • Patterned Cotton of your choice
  • Flannel, microfibre or other absorbant fabric scrap
  • Plain cotton backing, or more patterned Cotton of your choice
  • KAM size 20 Snaps x 2 Sockets & 2 Studs  (or pieces of hook & loop velcro) 
  • Double Fold Bias Binding 12mm wide or knit ribbing strips 

From the 3 fabrics cut the following:

  • Cut 23cm x 18cm piece of patterned Cotton
  • a 23cm x 18cm piece of flannel (or other absorbant fabric)
  • and a 23cm x 18 cm piece of backing fabric

Pin the three layers of fabric together wrong side of patterned cotton to right side of the inner flannel layer, and the wrong side of the backing fabric to the wrong side of the flannel layer.

Overlock (or zig-zag stitch on a normal machine) all the three layers together

With backing fabric facing you fold out one side of the binding and bind around the edges curving at the corners. Trim corners off of all the fabrics taking care not to cut the binding strip.

Fold over binding to the patterned cotton side and stitch in place (you can also press at this stage to make it easier to stitch the binding.

you now have a completed bound Seatbelt protector - wasn't that easy?

At this point you can do two different fastening options.  Add two KAM Snap Studs as I have done.

on the opposite side you need to put the KAM Snap Sockets.  Notice how they are both on the patterned fabric, this is so that the Protector has a folded edge as in this below picture:

You can also sew on hook velcro tape piece to one long side and loop pieces on the other side as I have done with the snaps.  
I wouldn't recommend using buttons to fasten these as the buttons will be bulky and uncomfortable against the childs skin.  



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