Thursday, 30 October 2014

Waiting for the Muse to strike

Hi All

I have been mulling over how to get part 2 into writing as its a confused jumble in my head.  Part 1 & 1a were easy enough.  Right now life is taking over and we're concentrating on his new walker, dental surgery and another leap forward in iPad Communication use.  I do intend to write the second half of our communication journey.  But I am thinking as its such a HUGE subject that I may end up making a 4 part serial! LOL
Mostly because there was another step after the basic cards - Choice Boards, and to jump from Choice Boards to iPad wouldn't be fair as there was a lot that went on and still does go on with the Choice Boards.  They are fall back when communication breaks down or we don't want the added stimulation of the iPad around.  Such as bedtime, where the iPad remains on charge in the kitchen away from his bed! We'd never get it out of his room till he fell asleep otherwise!
So stayed tuned for the next few parts in this serial and hopefully next week after his dental surgery I will be more inclined to write another section!

Take care until then


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