Sunday, 24 May 2015

Clothing for Special Needs Kids - Adapt or Struggle

This is a bit off the topic of my usual Blog entries but I know one that will resonate with a lot of parents of SN kid out there.  If you have a kid with physical disabilities you often need to struggle with dressing them especially if they use a wheelchair a lot of the time.  This problem is not unique in the physically disabled community, even adults have trouble getting easily into and out of clothing and having it comfortably fit when you use a wheelchair.
Adding a snap crotch to a tshirt adapted for a child
(you can find my tutorial on upcycling tshirts to make these in the links below) 

There are many other problems with clothing that SN kids need help with, especially once they get older and the ability to have the features that were readily available when they were little (snap crotch closure say on tops) are almost non-existant or expensive to come across.  So being of the crafty persuasion I have often made things and adapted things to work.

I have used many a blog or tutorial to create clothing and adapt it for my son over the years.  I currently make swim nappies, bibs, bandanas, sometimes rompers and onesies, and even a waterproof cape for wearing when its wet. Along with this has been scouring the internet for advice and/or patterns.  With that has come some great resources.  So I thought I would share them with you all in case you too have a need for your child!

LINKS: Adapting Clothing or Buying Adapted Clothing for your Child: 

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