Accessible House Update and Christmas Treat Toppers - FREE PRINTABLE

Hi All and Merry Christmas from all of us!


Thank you to all those that have visited our blog and followed our somewhat disjointed story via this blog.  I will update on the Accessible Home as we progress, but suffice to say its now with the Council awaiting approval of the plans.  We have also started the LifeMark Certification of the house to make sure both ourselves and the Building Company we engaged keep to the Accessibility plans for the house.  One thing that has come out of the process so far is that if anyone asks me of a recommendation for building companies or building an accessible home I would say to ask the company this (not the salesman because they will tell you ANYTHING to get a sale) and when I say ASK the Company I mean ask the Management of the Company whether that be the CEO or whomever is closest to the top.  Ask them "HAS YOUR COMPANY EVER BUILT AN ACCESSIBLE HOME BEFORE?" if they say "YES" then ask: "HOW MANY HAVE YOU ACTUALLY BUILT?" I would then go on to ask them details of how they built it, what level of disability the customer had etc.  It doesn't have to go into personal details its just so you can gauge their level of expertise and UNDERSTANDING.  Its really stood out to us these past few months that the general mobile population seems to think those with limited mobility are probably Old People and their perception is skewed coupled with a innocent ignorance of the way those of us with a disabled person in our care live our lives.  I am sure we didn't get a lot of things right and we'll figure that out once we live in the place.  Its hard having a child that is both mobile and requires a wheelchair to get around.  Its hard trying to meet both needs and often we aren't sure what the future holds for us.
One of the many iterations of the kitchen design
Recently we've started the process for a new bed, a new van (with wheelchair hoist), a new wheelchair, hoists, the housing team to go over the new build and lots of other adaptations.  This is because next year our son turns 10 and he is growing and getting TALL and HEAVY! But mostly its so we can work on HIS independence and so we can bring in Carers and Buddies to help him live his life in the best way he can.  2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year with lots of new adventures for us all.

But onto Christmas and what we've been doing lately...


With a new home looming the finances are a bit tight so we opted to make homemade goodies for our friends and family as gifts.  It was also something our son loves to do, COOKING!
So we have been busily making our famed Creamy Fudge recipe that we have been asked to make for the last few Christmases.With that is each year we try different ways of packaging them.  Last year I think I made Origami Boxes using Scrapbooking Paper.  This year I went for Cellophane bags and Treat Toppers.  If you google or Pinterest Treat Toppers you'll find all sorts out there, some good, some a bit...well... different and not my cup of tea, and then there are plenty you can pay for...either way it was just a little too MUCH to wade through and find just THE one so instead I got busy with the Desktop Publishing Software (PagePlus Starter - I've mentioned it in previous blog entries) and made a topper of my own.  So I thought I would share it with you here:
(requires a Google DRIVE login to open and Adobe Viewer to View)

So Print them out on A4 Paper with your printer, Cut out each one and fold in half then place over the top of your Sellotaped down Cellophane Bag and staple in place (like I have here):

We shoved lots of Christmas Shortbread , the fudge and intend to make White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Cookies as well then put them all into Tins to take to our friends.

Thanks for Reading our blog and ENJOY!