Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tutorial - creating an Older Childs Onesie from an Adult Mens Tshirt

Ages ago my son underwent Hip Surgery to correct hip dysplasia in his Right hip/leg.  At the time he was 6 years old and quite big and we thought we'd get away with long 8 year old tshirts.  But alas he was cast quite wide and the large adult nappy he wore wasn't a pretty sight!  So I had to quickly come up with something for him to wear.  It was summer, so he was going to be hot.  He was also going to have to go to school off and on.  I didn't want him looking totally silly.  So what to do?

Make something of course!

So I went to the sales and brought lots of cheap Mens Medium size tshirts and adapted them.  I am sure I am not the only one who has found a need for larger children to wear onesies or rompers.  So as I like to share heres the link to my Tutorial in PDF format:

Older Kids Onesie Tutorial PDF (Google Drive)

The rompers were done slightly differently by placing a pair of older childrens shorts folded up on top of the bottom of the folded Mens Tshirt.  I then cut around the leg area to shape it into shorts.  Overlocked the bottom edges and then turned under to bind the cut edge.  I then sewed snap tape onto each edge and it was done!

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